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Fellowship Chapel has been Declaring Jesus since 1981! Our purpose is to be a church where the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of the church, is magnified and glorified to the greatest degree possible. We believe that purpose is fulfilled as we worship and praise the Triune God in all we do and say, as believers and a church. We believe it is achieved through teaching and preaching the whole counsel of God as found in the Scriptures, and we grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We believe in fulfilling our purpose by equipping believers to accomplish His plan for them as the Lord leads them in their individual ministries and the ministries of the church. We also believe as we fellowship and support in Christian love believers of like faith, and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in our community and around the world, Christ fulfills His design and desire for us.

As you browse the information and events published we invite you to visit us anytime. We believe you will find a spiritual family who is known by its Christ-like love for Jesus and one-another!

Meet the Pastor

Pastor John Myles

John was born and raised in Kenova, West Virginia.   He became a believer at the age of 11 and was later baptized in the Gauley River in West Virginia at the age of 16.  He graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2007, having earned a double B.A. in Theology and in Jewish Studies.  He attended Hebrew University of Jerusalem, studying Hebrew language at the university while working in ministry in Israel.  It was during his time at MBI that he met his wife, Valerie, and the two of them were married in June 2007.  Valere is an MBI alumnus, earning her bachelor’s degree in Bible in 2008, and has a background with children’s and women’s ministry in the US, as well as South Asian ministry and outreach to both Hindus and Muslims in both India and the United States.  The two of them enjoy sharing food the good news of the Messiah with their neighbors and guests in their home.  

John has taught Hebrew school for both youth and adults in Chicago, as well as serving and teaching in messianic congregations and Bible-believing churches throughout the United States over the past two decades in varying other capacities from overseas missions in the Middle East, to the formation of and serving on elder boards, serving with church deacons, leading music and preaching.   He is currently completing his Master of Theology (ThM) degree from Chafer Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2023 at Preston City Bible Church in Preston, Connecticut.  He and his wife have three daughters, Brianna, Alannah, and Kiera. 

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