Interlocked Bible Framework for Families

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Interlocked is a Bible study integrating the Genesis-to-Revelation narrative, doctrine and apologetics for believers to live as thriving disciples of Christ.

This course is available online, and is also being led for older youth and adults by Nate Knauer during our 9:30 AM Interlocked Sunday School class.

Originally created by a husband and wife team in Singapore from Charles Clough’s Bible Framework ( to train their three teenage sons. It was then edited by Charles Clough. Included in this program is a free downloadable set of 55 illustrated lessons over 4 years in preparation and pre-tested on live adult and teenage classes in Canada, the US, and Singapore. This is an ideal tool for parents and grandparents who are concerned about the aggressive Marxist/humanist public school training of our children but who can’t afford private school or the time commitment for home schooling.

Key Features


Bible Narrative

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The lessons cover the major events in from Genesis to Revelation and tie them all together as a single narrative, showing God’s sovereignty and plan for world history.



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As we go through biblical history, we study the truths of each major event. We’ll see that the truths interlock to build a comprehensive biblical framework to understand God’s character and the world from His perspective.




In each lesson, we examine hard questions that often shipwreck a believer’s faith. We learn how to use the biblical framework of truth to respond to the non-biblical worldview so believers can stay grounded in their faith.

Who is Interlocked for?

Interlocked is meant for the believer who is familiar with the Bible but wants to understand God’s Word much better. It’s not meant for those who are not yet believers.

Is there a minimum age?

Interlocked was written for those aged 16 and up (though we’ve had younger participants). The vocabulary is controlled but the topics are fairly in-depth. We avoid using jargon and technical terms wherever possible.

Can I study this on my own?

Yes! The detailed lesson notes can be used for personal study, or a small group, or a class. When studying on your own, the discussion questions at the end of each lesson can be used for personal reflection. The “Faith in Action” reviews can also be done individually if need be.

Is there homework between lessons?

There are Scripture pre-reading assignments to prepare for each lesson. Apart from that, there is no homework. It helps though, to review the lesson after each session. Many participants choose to use the lesson notes for their devotionals to help them review the content before the next lesson.

Does each lesson stand on its own? What if I miss one?

As its name suggests, the goal of Interlocked is to show how all of Scripture is connected into one single biblical framework. This means each lesson builds upon the previous ones. Participants should keep up with the lessons they miss by reading the lesson notes so that they don’t miss the big picture of what God is doing. This course is not meant to be done piecemeal.


Are the lessons free?

The lessons are free-of-charge. You may download them for personal or group study.

Interlocked is licensed under the Creative Commons Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. This means you can use and distribute the lessons for non-commercial purposes only. You cannot sell nor edit them. If you plan to provide lesson notes for your study, you may charge your students the cost to print or photocopy.


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